I was bringing Zoƫ back from Nursery at about 6:40 last night when I noticed some smoke coming from behind the buildings on our road. It turned out to be quite a large fire in some garages and quite a few people were watching what was happening. A couple of minutes later the fire brigade arrived and the access road was quickly shut off. I went indoors and found I got quite a good view from a bedroom window, so I took a few pictures. A few minutes later there was quite a big explosion with a fireball about 30m high.
After half an hour or so, the police asked us to evacuate, so we went out for dinner. It was still all cordoned off when we came back, so we stayed at a friends place.

Skype sourceforge project released

Skype finally updated their Mac client to support web presence status, so I could finally do some tests, fix some minor niggles, and do a proper release of my Skype PHP classes.
They also updated their developer docs, saying they had fixed all the errors, but its just not true! Nearly all the errors I reported are still there, so they took the doc down again ;^) Apparently they are considering my proposal for some fixed status IDs in order to facilitate automated testing of presence API clients.