Speeding again

Something of a result yesterday. On the same run as on my previous attempt, I clocked 125km/h (that’s 78mph). Skis were Stöckli GS 166cm (i.e. short, not particularly stable) on fairly hard-packed piste. Given a better opportunity, run and equipment, it would be pretty straightforward to do better than that.

Today was an astounding powder day, just lots of bouncing about, really good fun on some nice fat Stöckli Stormrider XXL 178s. Tomorrow we have a guide booked and it’s due to be sunny – I can’t wait!

SunSpider Benchmarks: WebKit Rocks

The WebKit guys have put together a new Javascript benchmark under the name “SunSpider“. It’s intended to go further than simple benchmarks like Celtic Kane’s and try to emulate real-world tasks. Safari/WebKit has been getting pretty quick on these benchmarks anyway, but this new one really shows its strengths. There are various comments about people’s results in the comments for that post, but no compilation for easy comparison, so I’ve put one together.
Updated: added Webkit Win and Opera 9.5b Win
Updated: Failed to run completely on Opera 9.5b Mac
Updated: Some stats for Opera 9.5b Mac and IE6
Updated March 18th: Added Safari 3.1, FF3b4, IE8

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