XDebug talk at PHP London

Last night I gave a talk at the monthly PHP London meeting all about XDebug and kCacheGrind – I only just noticed I made an earlier post on here which lamented the lack of awareness about these excellent tools.
The talk went OK after a late start, and took rather longer than I though it would. I didn’t have a very well defined end point so it kind of petered out, but it seemed to go down OK, and there were some good questions. The MacBook worked great after I remembered to pick up the right kind of video adapter…

You can download a PDF of the presentation here.

Marcus Baker’s talk on “Is agile development right for you?” was entertaining and thought provoking.

I had some great conversations beforehand, and I completely failed to talk to Demian after he kindly bought me a beer!

Having two Marcus B’s around can get confusing too…

Somehow I didn’t get home until about 2am.

PHP London Conference

An excellent bash with a very nice venue. I’ve been to several PHPLondon gatherings and it was great to see it all come together. The ‘meet the speakers’ do the previous evening went very well – I had a good chat with Harry Fuecks.
The speakers were pretty good. Pawel’s Dependency Injection was probably the most underpresented, but had the best content, and had similarities to a talk given by Marcus Baker last year.
Matt Zandstra presented his template path pattern well, but I was left with the feeling that it was way too specific to be of much general use.
PHPLondon are a very comfortable bunch to be with!