Skype SourceForge project up

I’ve finally got my Skype SourceForge project up and running. I sorted out SF’s subversion setup too, and I’ve stuck some PHP classes in the respository – needs rounding out before a file release though.

Installing MediaWiki on SourceForge’s project web area was a little uncomfortable, so I submitted a patch to them to make that kind of thing easier.


Fantastic dinner party this eve, supposedly to review all our skiing photos – Paul, Marlene, Fraser, a very tired Adam, Sandeep & Pam, Mummy & Ian, and of course Henna and Charlotte. Sarah cooked 2 huge legs of lamb, a gratin Dauphinois, and chilli green beans. I made a giant Jaffa cake. We polished off a fair few bottles too, in particular the two Crozes Hermitage Di bought us, which were just wonderful.
I made pancakes in the morning, which went down well. Tea at the Horniman museum (after looking at the rabbits, goats and chickens of course) rounded out a very enjoyable weekend.
Should probably have done some more work on the hallway though.