XDebug talk at PHP London

Last night I gave a talk at the monthly PHP London meeting all about XDebug and kCacheGrind – I only just noticed I made an earlier post on here which lamented the lack of awareness about these excellent tools.
The talk went OK after a late start, and took rather longer than I though it would. I didn’t have a very well defined end point so it kind of petered out, but it seemed to go down OK, and there were some good questions. The MacBook worked great after I remembered to pick up the right kind of video adapter…

You can download a PDF of the presentation here.

Marcus Baker’s talk on “Is agile development right for you?” was entertaining and thought provoking.

I had some great conversations beforehand, and I completely failed to talk to Demian after he kindly bought me a beer!

Having two Marcus B’s around can get confusing too…

Somehow I didn’t get home until about 2am.

Skype sourceforge project released

Skype finally updated their Mac client to support web presence status, so I could finally do some tests, fix some minor niggles, and do a proper release of my Skype PHP classes.
They also updated their developer docs, saying they had fixed all the errors, but its just not true! Nearly all the errors I reported are still there, so they took the doc down again ;^) Apparently they are considering my proposal for some fixed status IDs in order to facilitate automated testing of presence API clients.

Skype SourceForge project up

I’ve finally got my Skype SourceForge project up and running. I sorted out SF’s subversion setup too, and I’ve stuck some PHP classes in the respository – needs rounding out before a file release though.

Installing MediaWiki on SourceForge’s project web area was a little uncomfortable, so I submitted a patch to them to make that kind of thing easier.