Subversion 1.7 to 1.6 downgrade with MacPorts

MacPorts told me that there had been a subversion update (1.7.1), which I went ahead and installed. Woo! Huge speed improvements for everything I tried with the CLI client, great stuff. A short time later my IDE (PHPStorm) fell over screaming. It doesn’t like 1.7 yet, and it’s a bit stuck until SVNKit supports it. I should have checked really.

So how to downgrade? Fortunately this post makes it very easy. So I just did:

sudo port deactivate subversion @1.7.0_1
sudo port activate subversion @1.6.17_1

But now I’m stuck with a working copy in 1.7 format with uncommitted changes, and there is no tool to convert it back to 1.6 format. This is easily worked around; check out a new working copy (using svn 1.6) and sync across the changes, ignoring the .svn folders, like this:

rsync -av --update --exclude=".svn/***" ~/Sites/myproject1.7/ ~/Sites/myproject1.6

All happy now.

Changing MacBook Bezel

I recently had cause to change the bezel on my rev A 13″ MacBook. If you follow the guide on MacFixit, it is a long and complicated procedure, involving dismantling nearly everything. Luckily, most of it is unnecessary – it’s really quite easy to simply remove the bezel without dismantling anything; just jump straight to step 35 and carry on from there.

Scalable irony

This article on is a really excellent rundown of some of the options available for scaling a site to the heights of Digg. Ironically enough, at the time of writing the highscalabilitycom web server shows this error:

Unable to connect to database server
The MySQL error was: User highscal_admin already has more than ‘max_user_connections’ active connections.

I can point them at this really good article on how to avoid problems like this… oh, wait…