Transatlantic Mum

My Mum (and of course Ian, Roger, Curtis & Hannah) has this afternoon succesfully completed a transatlantic crossing in her boat, Elemiah. That’s quite an achievement. It took them three weeks, including about 5 days with no wind which they had to motor for. Three cheers for Elemiah!

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to take Zoë on a weekend hop down the Med over the next month or two.

And they’re off…

My Mum has set off on her transatlantic crossing from Nova Scotia. Their progress should have been reported continuously via blog postings through their Iridium satellite phone, but they could not get the (serial!) modem working in time. For some reason text messages sent through the Iridium web site don’t seem to work either. I have a feeling that Motorola is involved with Iridium, which probably explains why it doesn’t seem to work properly…

Hot stuff

Just a little break from the techie stuff. I really like Tabasco Chipotle smoked jalapeño pepper sauce. I realised that I was getting near to the end of a bottle and it occurred to me that that meant that I’d got through SIX 148ml bottles in the last year! Definitely an addict. Maybe I should invest in one of these: unless someone feels like importing one for me one since they don’t seem to be available in the UK.

Who’s the Daddy?

I’m very happy to announce the birth of my son, Luc Bramwell Bointon, this morning at 5:32am. He weighed 3.8Kg (that’s about 8lb6oz in old money). Delivery was natural and not too traumatic (especially for me!).

Now I get to say “Luc, I am your father!”