Who’s the Daddy?

I’m very happy to announce the birth of my son, Luc Bramwell Bointon, this morning at 5:32am. He weighed 3.8Kg (that’s about 8lb6oz in old money). Delivery was natural and not too traumatic (especially for me!).

Now I get to say “Luc, I am your father!”


Back from 3 weeks in Cyprus. Excellent stuff. Some some very disappointing world cup football, but lots of lovely sunshine and sea. I went water skiing for the first time in about 18 years and found that it’s like riding a bike (well, not really), but it all comes back pretty quickly and I didn’t have any trouble staying up on a mono. Mind you, my arms and shoulders were aching for a week afterwards!
Did a couple of dives too – saw the most amazing thermocline – like watching oil and water mixed, with a shimmery reflection off the interface 20m down!
Z had a great time – sorted out potty training (hooray!) and she can swim pretty well now.


I was bringing Zoƫ back from Nursery at about 6:40 last night when I noticed some smoke coming from behind the buildings on our road. It turned out to be quite a large fire in some garages and quite a few people were watching what was happening. A couple of minutes later the fire brigade arrived and the access road was quickly shut off. I went indoors and found I got quite a good view from a bedroom window, so I took a few pictures. A few minutes later there was quite a big explosion with a fireball about 30m high.
After half an hour or so, the police asked us to evacuate, so we went out for dinner. It was still all cordoned off when we came back, so we stayed at a friends place.


Fantastic dinner party this eve, supposedly to review all our skiing photos – Paul, Marlene, Fraser, a very tired Adam, Sandeep & Pam, Mummy & Ian, and of course Henna and Charlotte. Sarah cooked 2 huge legs of lamb, a gratin Dauphinois, and chilli green beans. I made a giant Jaffa cake. We polished off a fair few bottles too, in particular the two Crozes Hermitage Di bought us, which were just wonderful.
I made pancakes in the morning, which went down well. Tea at the Horniman museum (after looking at the rabbits, goats and chickens of course) rounded out a very enjoyable weekend.
Should probably have done some more work on the hallway though.