Error-free PHP

Not nearly as good as it sounds. I’ve become plagued by a very irritating problem over the last couple of weeks – I’m getting no error output from PHP whatsoever, neither to the browser nor to logs, even though all such options are enabled. My config files are as stock as they can be and still work. It’s just making debugging nearly impossible. I’m getting the same symptoms on OS X and RedHat EL4, so it’s not a platform-dependent thing. They are also on different versions of Apache (2.0.54-12 from Fink and 2.0.52 from RHN). Grrr.

I found it!! Really silly issue and it explains everything. There was a .htaccess file containing an old line:

php_value display_errors true

It appears that (unlike in the rest of PHP) ‘true’ is interpreted as boolean false in this context. Commenting it out or setting it to 1 makes it work.

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