Changing MacBook Bezel

I recently had cause to change the bezel on my rev A 13″ MacBook. If you follow the guide on MacFixit, it is a long and complicated procedure, involving dismantling nearly everything. Luckily, most of it is unnecessary – it’s really quite easy to simply remove the bezel without dismantling anything; just jump straight to step 35 and carry on from there.

Subversion MERGE error on commit nailed

Recently I’ve had a problem with subversion commits returning a ‘200 OK’ result, accompanied by a peculiar MERGE error (when I’m not doing a merge), but weirdly, the commit had actually made it into the repo. I’d googled for this a while ago with no success, but I had another try today and found this post. Thinking about it, I’d had this problem since updating to the very-very-long-awaited trac 0.11 release. So I tracked down the latest release of the trac-post-commit-hook script and installed that, and amazingly enough, it just works. Thank you UberGeek!